I am sure it surprises nobody that certain areas like Cornwall will struggle to get the migrant labour to pick the crops. It is only going to get worse when we leave the EU. Apparently only one vegetable in 10 is grown in Britain and uses British labour at present. Where are all the British people keen to do these jobs, and if there aren’t any, who will help with all the food grown in this country?

We are still a divided country. Many Remainers made a decision on the economic aspect of Brexit and at some point Leavers must also focus on this too. The cost of Brexit will hit people in their pockets. Some people who voted Leave have said that it’s already bad for the poor but it will get worse for everyone and it is those with money who will more likely ride out the storm.

People must focus on the economy and how Brexit will affect each and every one of us. Ideology has no place in that decision.

Nicki Bartlett

Richard Ratcliffe is an inspirational man

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s husband, Richard, has said: “I do not believe it is in Nazanin’s interests for there to be any resignations. I genuinely appreciate all the media and political pressure on Nazanin’s case. As her husband, my complaint is not that Nazanin’s imprisonment has become a diplomatic incident this past week. It is that it wasn’t for the 19 months before.”

The man is a saint. His wife is an innocent victim. We should all be behind him and his family. Out of respect to Richard, I suspend any calls for resignation until Nazanin is released. Let it be soon.

Beryl Wall
London W4

Our Government has morphed into St Trinian’s

Watching Theresa May is rather like viewing a St Trinian’s film, she being the school mistress, who has lost all control over her misbehaving pupils. A school without any money.

But it is not funny.

Richard Grant

Our politicians are not fit for purpose

The elevation of the career politician in the past decade is unnerving. It is apparent that the UK is directed mainly by public speakers who have little or no knowledge about business, let alone the complex business of leaving the EU. The UK not only appears to be rudderless but achieving a great speed into an abyss. We are not shown respect or value from Europe. Judging by attitudes of the EU, they might consider our choice of politicians to be comedians.

Our generation are the caretakers of the country at the moment. I would challenge anyone who would view us to be progressing well negotiating. In fact we are making a debacle of our responsibilities. We owe it to future generations to take this seriously. We voted in Theresa May, she needs the support from business leaders and a determined team of advisers and ministers.

Claire Bishop

The constituents of Witham will not forget Priti Patel’s transgressions in a hurry

Despite her assumption that she has been “overwhelmed by support” by my fellow constituents, I can assure Priti Patel that there are many of us who would not dream of voting for someone who mislead (lied?) to the Prime Minister, caused her own Government extreme embarrassment and who still has not giving a reason for her unauthorised meeting with members of the Israeli government.

Her arrogance in making such an assumption is astonishing and it was this overweening self confidence that forced her to be sacked (sorry, resign!) in the first place. Come the next election, Patel will find that some of the electorate have long memories.

Nigel Groom

Michael Gove smells a leadership contest – that’s why he’s covering for Boris

Boris Johnson may look like a cross between problem child at a nursery and a half-baked scarecrow who never thought to ask the Wizard for a brain. However, the actions of this man have left Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe facing a further five years in an Iranian prison on fabricated charges of espionage.

Johnson styles himself as the enfant terrible of the Conservative Party. His famed outbursts, however, have nothing to do with unorthodoxy or “plain speaking”.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, as he is more properly known, epitomises the class arrogance and social privilege of Britain’s upper-middle class. This is a man whose experience with the “lower classes” extends only to giving orders.

When Mayor of London Johnson told a Labour member of the Assembly to “get stuffed” when he was presented with evidence that his closures of fire stations would cost lives. The price of this callous indifference can be seen in the Grenfell fire.

His Tory colleague Michael Gove was more interested in saving Johnson’s career than, he was at clarifying that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was on holiday in Iran. This shows that utter arrogance and contempt this preposterous duo hold for the voters. It should be remembered it was Gove who knifed Johnson in the last Tory leadership contest.

Gove clearly knows a leadership election is coming and wants to position himself favourably with Johnson. It shows the Tory mind-set that pursuit of power trumps morality every time.

Alan Hinnrichs
Address supplied